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Payroll outsourcing services are especially useful for newly established businesses, or businesses that are looking for costs effective solutions of having a competitive edge by engaging professional team to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We provide professional advisory on the extensive types of employment in Singapore and we are here to assist clients in application for employment passes for foreigners working in Singapore. Passes include Employment Pass (also known as EP), Special Pass (also known as SP), Work Permits (also known as WP) and so forth, each with their own respective criteria. At the same time, it is also imperative to adhere to the Workman Compensation Act in Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower for which we will also assist our clients with the appropriate insurance policies so as to fulfil the requirements of the statutory. 

 KJ Advisory provides dedicated payroll services in compliance to Singapore Employment Act. Our payroll services include salary, overtime, commission, bonus and Central Provident Fund calculations, arranging payments for employees’ salaries, CPF submissions, completion of Forms IR8A and IR21 for submission to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, issue mandatory itemised payslips to your employees. Further services in relation to payroll includes assisting our clients in submitting claims to the various government departments for NS man reservist, maternity leave, employee ’s child care leave and so forth. We are also happy to assist our clients in facilitating investigations/queries from relevant government departments.



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