KJ Advisory’s custom built corporate tax plans and tax advisory services are designed to assist your company achieve maximised tax efficiency. You can be at ease from tax burden and instead, focus on your company operations so as to remain competitive within your respective industry. 

 With proper tax planning in place, your company will be in a favourable position to make adjustments to ever-revolving external situations that your company may face. Proper tax planning results in cost deducted and greater potential earnings. Increased returns to shareholders could be reinvested or expansion for the growth of your company. 

 KJ Advisory has provided our expertise to many companies , including local and international to satisfy mandatory compliance and maximise tax savings. We make sure that every single piece of information that concerns your company in relation to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) shall be accounted for. We take good pointers to every freshly announced tax policies by Singapore Government’s so that your company does not miss out. We worked hard, we save smart. Talk to our tax experts now.



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